Güneş … Packaging Industry and Trading Inc. was established in 2004 as primarily aimed to produce egg and fruit cartons, egg trays and also moulded fiber packagings for various industrial usage. Considering production capacity and the product quality, we’re one of the leading cellulose-based moulded fiber packaging suppliers in Turkiye. Güneş is a well known brand and preferred in the market . Güneş has well built manufacturing facilities with a total area of about 9.000 m2 as 2000 m2 covered and 7000 m2 open areas. Those are all equipped with the modern and latest technology machineries to ensure fast and flawless production and to consider to our client's requirements. All our production lines are handled by long years experienced engineers and other workforce. While packaging becoming as an increasing necessity in our globalized World , the types of packaging is also getting importance. Environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging materials, harmless to human health are primarily being preferred. Naturally, cellulose based moulded fibre products as packaging materials becoming more and more important.

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